Proven Community Roundup – Week Ending May 21

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NOTE: This post is cross-posted from the Proven Professional Community on the EMC Community Network.

Here are some of the highlights from the past week in the Proven Professional Community:

E2E Webinar: EMC VPLEX

Hopefully you were one of the ones who registered when we first announced the time and date for the E2E Webinar on EMC VPLEX. The speaker – Brian Gallagher – could not have been better. Brian is the President of Symmetrix and Virtualization Product Group here at EMC, so it was great to hear his perspective on this new technology.

If you weren’t able to attend, there is a link to the recorded session as well as the questions asked during the discussion period in document in the Proven Professionals ONLY! community. Remember, you must be a certified Proven Professional for access to that community (check out this doc if you are having problems with access).

What will be the topic for the next E2E webinar? We’ll post it in the Proven Professionals ONLY (PPO) community as soon as we know!

EMC World

We did a big EMC World wrap-up post last week. That post consolidates all of our activities at EMC World.

The articles that won the 2020 Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Awards have been posted in the PPO community. The topics covered range from cloud, deduplication, SAN performance, SAN consolidation, SAN migration, IT Service silos, Celerra iSCSI….you really should go check them out.

Another EMC Contest that Proven Professionals participated in was the Monster Mash Developer Challenge. 2 of the 3 winners and 5 of the 7 finalists were Proven Professionals. Go read about the winning entries here.

Can you imagine if next year someone had the winning Knowledge Sharing Article AND won the Monster Mash? That would be crazy!

Popular Posts in the Proven Professional Communities

Think I missed a good post? Let me know in the comments!

Interesting Blog Posts by Proven Professionals:


Did you know you get points every time you create content in the ECN communities? Did you know that if you answer someone’s question, you can get even MORE points? But you can only get those points if the person who asked the questions comes back and marks the question answered and assigns you points.

Please come back and mark your questions answered, and show some love to the people who helped you out!

What are you up to?

Let us know what you are up to this week. Did you just pass a certification test? Are you studying? Do you need help, or just some encouragement? Let us know!

That’s all I have this week. Those of us in the US are looking forward to a long holiday weekend, the official start to the summer! I hope wherever you are, you’re getting ready for a nice weekend. See you next week!

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