My Edublog Awards Nominations

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Its time for the 2009 Edublog Award Nominations. Here’s my list:

Best individual blog:

Harold Jarche’s blog pushes my thinking beyond what I do at work currently, and shows a more practical view of the theories I’m learning in my graduate studies.

    Best individual tweeter:

    @janebozarth is a real eLearning practitioner who is not afraid to share her expertise with lowly grad students such as myself.

    Best group blog

    eLearning Learning aggregates several different education blogs, and provides a way to navigate by blog or keyword. It also shows whats popular in the eLearning community at any given time. (Full disclosure: this blog is aggregated there)

    Most influential blog post

    Informal Learning 2.0 by Jay Cross. I’m not sure if it was the first time he used the term, but this post introduced and explained the term “learnscape”. This post came at a time when I was presenting about the idea of informal learning, and this learnscape idea really resonated with me. I love (and aspire to the ideals in) this quote from the post:

    “Corporations can create superior learnscapes by injecting practices that foster optimal learning: drip-feeding, interaction, ease of access, timely reinforcement, peer coaching, respect for reflection, setting standards, cognitive apprenticeship and so on.”

    Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion

    #lrnchat (was there any doubt!). I have learned more from the time I spend in #lrnchat than I have from several of my classes. You are exposed to experts from all parts of the education industry who are happy to share their expertise and play the ADDIE drinking game.

    Best educational tech support blog

    Rapid E-Learning Blog Being in corporate ed, I use PowerPoint as an authoring tool. There, I’ve come clean. 🙂 I love Tom’s blog, it has given me so many ideas of how to present information in PowerPoint. Even better: Tom came to my company for a one-day intense workshop!! It was so awesome!

    Best elearning / corporate education blog

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