EMC Education Webcast: Managing Information in challenging economic times

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Next week EMC Education will present a free webcast about managing information in challenging economic times. So why is this something you should consider attending?


For the last several years, my organization at EMC has conducted a survey of storage managers and professionals about the challenges facing people that manage the world’s information. Every year our executives present the findings from the survey at EMC World.


Storage managers marked the lack of skilled storage professionals as one of their pain points this year. Additionally, managers feel that only about 30 percent of their teams are properly skilled to carry out their responsibilities.

Here’s my question: if we have these knowledge gaps in the physical world of information and storage management, what is going to happen when we move this into the cloud? It seems to me that having a strong understanding of how the physical environments work is going to be a necessity once we start virtualizing everything.

Could lack of skilled professionals be a barrier to private cloud adoption?

I’m really proud of  my organization for measuring this gap, and putting together programs to train people to address this problem. We have an open storage curriculum, our Academic Alliance, and even a vendor neutral book on Storage and Information Management.

Sign up for the Webcast!

If you missed EMC World, this is your chance to hear more about this study. Here is how to sign up for the event:

Date: June 26, 2009

Time: 11 AM Eastern

Presenters: Alok Shrivastava, Senior Director, EMC Education Services and Joe Milardo, Director, EMC Education Services

Event Registration

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