Dell Storage Forum London – the big fat review post

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I’ve held off for two weeks on writing the big fat review post for Dell Storage Forum London becuase I keep seeing more content posted! So if I miss something you posted, or if you add something after I publish, please add your link in the comments!

Our theme in London was Fluid by Design.

Here are some of the posts we designed to get y’all ready for the event:

During the event

We published several blog posts supporting our release day for the DR4000, Compellent Storage Center 6.0, the SharePoint Infrastructure Optimization solution, and the expanded support for Force10, PowerVault, and Brocade switches:

Here is where we posted all of our official activity:

OK enough about us….here is what all of you had to say:

This was a great, intimate event. I loved all of the community interactions. Now the real question is – who’s ready for Boston!!!


01312012- Added Mike Davis’ DR4000 post

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  1. Gina
    Looks like you’re all over the subject. A great blog. Thanks for the plug too!
    Best – Martin

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