Coursework this semester (Spring 08)

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  1. Introduction to Instructional Systems
    This course has helped me understand my department at work in much greater detail. We definitely use a system approach to designing instruction. The assignments in this course have forced me to do to a deep-dive on our processes and procedures.
    Artifacts from this class include:

    1. A system description of the department I am in at work
    2. A needs assessment plan for a non-profit I volunteer with
    3. A job task analysis for one of the audiences for which I write training
    4. A process model to address a needs gap in the department I work in (this one is still in progress).
  2. Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology
    This course has focused on tools used to create instructional design. This has been an interesting course that has dovetailed nicely with my job as well. I have been able to explore social media as an ID tool, and have been sharing that information with people at work.
    Artifacts from this class include:

    1. A research paper on using social media for corporate education – Using Social Networking to Enhance Learning in a Corporate Environment
    2. A paper showing how to use recent trends to solve a performance issue (I am planning on using the same problem I use for the other final paper, and I think informal learning may be a part of it).

I am happy this semester is almost over, and that I will only be taking one class in the summer. Just putting on paper some of the things I have accomplished seems a little crazy when I think of what I have been able to accomplish at work. I am so glad I am only taking one class next week!

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