Conferenced out, cards, and the importance of people

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I finally am home! I stayed in and set aside time this weekend to write some of the blog posts that are swirling around in my head. But I’m finding that I’m just too tired to write.

Feeling like a slacker. And that’s ok. 🙂

For one thing, I’m conferenced out. I was at VMWare Partner Exchange last week. I came home and the next day went to UpToAll of us, then got back and went to one day of SXSW EDU. Now SXSWi is happening, and I’ve been hanging out (not going to the conference). I had amazing, and strangely enough connected, discussions at each of these events.

But I’m happy to be home. One thing that really wears me out are the parties. Don’t get  me wrong, I love meeting up, have a drink or two, and catching up with folks and getting into good technical and theoretical discussions. But sometimes it’s all just a little …. much. I am going to bring a geeky card game to the next show I go to – and play in a hotel lobby/bar. If you want to drink you can, but the idea will be to get together and play cards and talk and chill. I wonder if anyone would want to do that?

Here’s a bullet list of stuff that I want to blog about, all of it came from those amazing discussions:

  • We can make 1’s and 0’s do anything. The problem in most cases isn’t how to do the tech, it’s how to motivate the people to change.
  • Education needs to shift to a service provider model, just like IT does
  • I need to start explaining more about the Learning GPS
  • Knowing the information used to make decisions about your life is a human right
  • Connecting at conferences socially has to include more than drinking
  • I need to start describing some of the cool stuff I’m doing at work

Well lots of writing for me to do. Two friends have written books, so I’m sure I’ll write about those as well – need to read them first! 🙂



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