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Being black, brown, poor, or autistic shouldn’t be a crime

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I grew up very poor in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. That’s the town next to Destin, smack in the middle of the Redneck Riviera. I did what many poor girls did, I got married and immediately after high school. Which … Continue reading

Fall Semester Starts Tomorrow

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Fall semester starts tomorrow. Part of me is anxious, mostly because I am already so busy I’m not sure what my class load is going to do to my life. But the other part of me is really excited. I … Continue reading

From Ninja Turtles to Persephone?

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Last night I listened to Stephen Downes’ lecture at #teched about Personal Learning Environments. One quote stuck with me: The learner is the product of education To me that means the product of education isn’t a diploma, or a certificate. … Continue reading

How I want to lead

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I have blogged about my experiences at the Simmons School of Management Leadership Conference. One session had me boiling inside – and they didn’t even have a Q&A session! I thought I’d write a bit about the session that bothered … Continue reading

Autism – Networks

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Ok, I give! CCK08 is officially killing me! I’m going to try and hang in there. I think the problem is that the topics are so meaty, and interesting, that I want to only do this class and nothing else. … Continue reading

The network working and autism

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This post is going to be rather free form because I feel like I have so much in my brain that I need to get out. One of the common explanations for the difference of connectivism and constructivism is that … Continue reading