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VMworld – Sunday is for connecting

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Sunday at VMworld is filled with events and parties. While these are held in cool venues, usually with plenty to eat and drink, the real benefit of attending these events are the conversations you can have with people who care … Continue reading

VMworld 2016 is officially underway!

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This week I’m at VMworld in Las Vegas as a blogger. I’m going to try to get a post out every day with interesting news for those of you who aren’t able to join us this year. This is my … Continue reading

Tips for keeping your balance during big conferences

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Attending technical conferences are marathons. You’re in a huge conference center for many hours. You attend keynotes, sessions, and check out all the vendor booths. If you’re a vendor you have booth duty and lots of customer meetings. And there is the … Continue reading

VMworld 2015 plans

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Since I work at Spanning now, and since we backup data in different SaaS apps, I’m not working with VMware any more. So why would I even bother going to VMworld? Well, because Spanning offers a SaaS backup solution for … Continue reading

Interop is next week!

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Dell will be at Interop, and of course Dell Data Protection will be in the booth. Swing by and check out the booth, or find me (twitter is always best at conferences: @gminks). Hoping to get demos of our DP products (AppAssure, … Continue reading

General Sessions at Storage Developer’s Conference – Linux + Storage

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Linux Filesystems and Storage – Chris Mason Chris is the lead btrfs developer History of Linux – 2.2 kernels: mostly smp capable, 1024 process limit, no journaled fs’s (no crash system recovery), no source control 2.4: Enterprise ready! SMP scalability … Continue reading

CloudOpen presentation: – Deploying an IaaS with Apache CloudStack

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Presentation was by David Nalley. CloudStack is multi-tenant: Built around user abstraction (can’t see hypervisor/storage/etc) Networking seperation – every acct has at least one dedicated & isolated VLAN Hardware can be dedicated to users (for compliance, etc) Networking: Broken down … Continue reading

The #cloudbunnies are back for #VMworld 2012!

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It’s time for VMworld 2012. Which also means… is time to play some v0dgeball. v0dgeball is dodgeball for a cause – specifically the Wounded Warrior Project. Here’s where you can find out more about the v0dgeball event. Last year I … Continue reading

Behind the scenes at a tech conference

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A colleague of mine, Dan Sutherland, posted some great pictures of what it took to change a hotel ballroom into the hands-on labs for the Dell Storage Forum in Boston. Since I did lots of behind-the-scenes work again at this … Continue reading

Remembering Interop 2012

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Last week I attended Interop in Las Vegas. Interop hass traditionally been a networking show. For Dell, our Networking group organized our participation at the show. But this year, there was a definite storage presence (there was even a storage … Continue reading