Fall Semester Starts Tomorrow

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Fall semester starts tomorrow. Part of me is anxious, mostly because I am already so busy I’m not sure what my class load is going to do to my life.

But the other part of me is really excited. I was one of those nerds who loved going back to school because it meant you got to read and study. I love new books, I love researching, so starting class again makes me happy. I know, I’m weird.

Here’s what I am taking this semester:

  • Introduction to Program Evaluation (or, is what you designed actually working)
  • Performance Systems Analysis (this is the first HPT – Human Performance Theory – class I have taken, should be interesting)

After this semester, I have to do an internship and take one more class and I’m done!!

So what did I do in the 3 weeks I had between summer and fall semester?

  • Went to PodCamp, caused a stir because myself and some other ladies pointed out that people still face discrimination
  • Worked on updates to the Ionix Network Configuration Manager courses
  • Presented to EMC Education’s upper management about value networks, web 2.0 technologies, and all the work we’ve done to drive participation in the EMC Proven Professional Community
  • Got my son off to college
  • Talked about zombies
  • Started reading Secret Six (which is probably going to be the first thing I’ll have to give up)

Looking at the list of what I did and of my classes, it looks like there are some synergies between all my activities having to do with information. My undergrad degree had a heavy emphasis on usability, particularly how users approach information searches. Of course, since one of my kids is on the autism spectrum I have been a life-long observer of how differently people can see information.

It sure seems like there is probably a thread that runs through program evaluation, HPT, discrimination, and value networks. Its very strange how I see all of that the way I do an IP or FC network…

But that’s a post for another day. Its my last day of summer break, so I should go do something fun. I’ll probably be a nerd and read my new schoolbooks though. 🙂

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  1. Steve Todd says:

    Good luck this semester!

  2. gminks says:

    Thanks! I’m hoping I can do some of the projects for stuff I’m doing (or want to do) at work. Should be interesting.

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