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I’ve been back at Dell almost one full quarter. And WOW is this place busy. So, thought I’d provide an update as to what I’m up to and where I’m going.

I stepped into a new role: Product Marketing Manager for Dell AppAssure. AppAssure is one of the products in the Data Protection portfolio of Dell Software. I’m in week two of the role, and what I’m working on now is finding (and sharing) all sorts of great content about AppAssure 5. Also figuring out what content we need, and all sorts of other fun PMM stuff that I can’t share just quite yet. 🙂

I had been helping out in the AppAssure forums and in our other social channels. Don’t worry – I’m not leaving y’all high and dry. Some other folks are coming out of the shadows to help out. And I seriously can’t wait to write about some of that…has been one of the cooler career things I’ve done for a while.

My schedule is more than packed, to say the least! I’ve been working on really narrowing my scope, and that means things are falling off my plate. One of those things is the Cloudbunnies. I led the team a couple of years ago at VMWorld, and have now passed that baton off to Netapp’s Friea Berg and Cisco’s Amy Lewis. If you are interested in playing for the Cloudbunnies this year, please reach out to them. They need your support!

One thing I hope everyone will remember: Cloudbunnies was always about more than v0dgeball and bunnies. The concept was created to point out the lack of visibility of technical women at conferences. The Women in Tech issue is still alive and kicking, that is obvious by the unfortunate examples we saw this past year. My favorite places to keep up to date on this issue are GeekFeminism.org and the Change the Ratio Tumbler. And my girlz Twitter list is full of strong technical women. I would really love to see more media produced like Lauren Malhoit’s Adapting IT podcast – which spotlights the every day lives of normal techie women.

Speaking of conferences, I’m definitely going to be hitting the conference trail and talking Dell Data Protection. First up is Interop! Hoping to stroll down towards EMC World on Tues (May 7), and will be at Interop until Friday May 10. We’ll be there on the Interop floor, so come see us if you are interested in hearing about our portfolio or hit me up if you’d like to chat.

I’m also travelling a bit to Boston, Reston, and Orange County, Ca. If you are in those areas, holler at me so we can catch up!

With this crazy schedule, I need something to make me sane. So I’ve planted my first garden in Austin. Here’s what it looks like so far:












It’s fun to come back and see how much it has grown, and to be forced to slow down to tend to things. Any other tips y’all have for keeping balanced?

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