Enterprise Cloud Summit @ Interop – Linking Private and Public Clouds

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These are my slightly edited session notes. The session was led by Margaret Dawson from Hubspan.

The session started by showing slides from a 2005 prezi about access/firewalls/access based on trust

models are already blurring

If you are using a SaaS application – is that provider leveraging a Paas? And does that PaaS provider leverage an IaaS? How does this impact the security of your info?

Key elements of trusted cloud networks
1. Master Data Mgmt – MDM
2. Federated security w data segregation
3. Centralized governance
4. Cross-cloud compliance mandates (PCI!!)
5. Secure tunnels of communciation across cloud secure protocols
6. Role & rule-based access
7. Transparencey & auditing
8. Consistent QoS and SLAs

How to get started:
1. Set policies (users, etc)
2. data mgt
3. SOA & governance
4. BPM
5. Directory Services
6. Integration – intra *& inter enterpirse
7. start small w cloud
dev or test
new web app
cloud integration
Biz process workflow

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