Interop Session – FCoE vs iSCSI – Making the choice

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(Mostly) unedited notes from Stephen Foskett’s Interop session. And yes, FCoTR was mentioned!

  • Converging on convergence
    • Data centers rely more on standard ingredients
    • What will connect the systems together
  • Drivers of convergence
    • Virtualization
      • Demanding greater nw & storage IO
      • I/O blender
      • Mobility & abstraction
    • Consolidation
      • reduce port count, combine LAN + SAN
      • NW abstraction
  • Performance
    • Data-driven applications need massive I/O
    • Virtualization, VDI
  • Whats in it for you?
    • Server managers
      • Flexibility/mobility
      • Better support for virt servers & blades
      • Increased overall performance
    • Network managers
      • According to Foskett, network managers get the worst of end of the changes in the data center (he put it a different way, but this is what he meant).
      • Wider sphere of influence – ethernet everyplace
      • More tools to control traffic
      • More to learn
      • New headaches frm storage protocols
    • Storage managers
      • Fewer esoteric storage protocols
      • New network protocols
      • Less responsibility for I/o
  • Flexibility
    • No more cabling issues
    • Servers become interchangeable units
    • Less concern abt i/o slots, cards & ports
  • Changing data center
    • Placements & cabling of SAN switches & adapters dictates where to install servers
    • No more north south conversations (traditional client server applications), more east west.
  • Why choose a protocol?
    • It depends (typical consultant answer 😉 )
    • Strategy
    • Performance
    • Compatibility (lots of FC arrays, FCoE helps fan the arrays inexpensively by bridging old FC infrastructure)
      • If you have no FC, why go to FCoE?
    • Cost

We are looking at next evolution of scsi, this is not something really radical

  • Why go iSCSI?
    • Targets are robust & mature. Almost storage vendor offers iSCSI arrays
    • Lots of software targets
      • Lots of client-side adabters/HBAs and adapters
      • Smooth transition (plug&play ) into 10G
    • Stephen also gave a nice shout out to a white paper by Dell on iSCSI performance
  • Why goFCoE?
    • Lots of arrays, switches, tools, skillsets to support FC, easily transferable
    • Provides a way for incremental adoption
  • Stephen also predicted mass adoption of FCoE by 2014. You heard it here first. 🙂

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