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This week, Stephen Foskett’s Virtual Field Day (VFD4 to be exact) was in Austin. One thing I noticed right away is that I didn’t know most of the delegates. I think I upset some of them, but in all honestly I was so excited to see that. This week I added 8 new blogs to my RSS reader:

So lots of awesome new bloggers. Stephen never ceases to amaze me with the talent he finds. Yáll know I am really big on remembering our past. When we started blogging at EMC, I knew there were people who had been doing it for a while already with whom we needed to connect. So some of us did! And now, as those of us who started the big wave of storage industry blogs have moved on to jobs with so much responsibility that we can’t find the time to blog anymore – there is a new class of kick-ass bloggers here to carry on the torch!

So, how do we connect new to old, to keep the continuity going? I think Tech Field Day does an amazing job of finding new talent. Subscribe to these guys, follow them! There are some new folks podcasting too….my new fav is this one from a group of super smart women!

I think we have to follow them, engage with them, and promote the hard work they are doing! Remember how important that was to us?

I think the next post I write will be how I find new people to follow – there is actually a formula. And trust me, the new social media agency tools won’t help you in the storage industry. More soon!

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  2. Hi Gina

    There are still plenty of us original storage bloggers out here. Not all of us were sucked up by vendors. Being at these events is all about invitations. As this was a VFD not a SFD, perhaps the traditional storage bloggers were overlooked.


  3. sheryl says:

    I had no idea about this! Thanks for sharing! Your post appeared in my eLearning Learning Daily newsletter and was particularly interesting to me because I create online learning for a tech company. I have found new resources!

  4. Nice post Gina. Spot on in regards to those of us, including yours truly, who struggle to get online as often as we want to.

    – cheers,

  5. gminks says:

    You know I think everything comes down to storage. So they are all categorized as storage bloggers to me. 🙂

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