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Learning is everywhere

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I presented at conference for the 40th reunion of the Florida State University Instructional Systems program. Here’s the presentation I gave: Learning is everywhere from Gina Minks In the presentation, I talked about how instructional design theory is very important … Continue reading

logistics – an important part of instructional design

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This a medicine-induced blog post (yay flu) – so its sort of a stream of consciousness post. We learn by doing. Work is learning. When we design training, we try to figure out what people need to do, then we design the … Continue reading

Building an environment that activates entrepreneurial learners

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I’m nearing the close of my second month here at Inktank. It feels like its been much longer than that – I guess startup life really does move fast huh! I’ve been very busy. I’m getting up to speed with … Continue reading

How can we help speed the convergence of dev and ops?

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This is a post to try and draw some of my thoughts together – so criticism welcomed and encouraged. I could be completely off base with what I’m about to write…y’all keep me honest! 🙂 In my new position at … Continue reading

How do you design training for Dev AND Ops?

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I’m about ten days into my new job. In the last ten days I’ve been to Sunnyvale to the Inktank offices, to San Francisco for VMworld parties and v0dgeball, and finally San Diego for Xen Summit and Cloud Open. I’ve … Continue reading

Can an educator be happy as a marketer?

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My new position at Dell Storage is technically a marketing position. People have asked me – you just got your master’s degree in education – how can you do marketing (this is usually after jokes about a techie crossing over … Continue reading

Building Trust in the Cloud, One Proven Professional at a Time

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a forum or read a blog that talks about all the trust issues with the cloud – no security, lack privacy, doesn’t stand up to regulations, etc. Everyone seems to … Continue reading

Systematic Instructional Design should be a Learning GPS

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This post is a continuation from a post about the impact of lots of freely available content on learners. My argument is that systematic instructional design can be used to help students navigate the tremendous amount of content that is … Continue reading

More content means we need instructional design more than ever

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By now you’ve all heard it. Heck by now you have experienced it. I’m talking about the explosion of the digital universe. IDC and EMC have been measuring the size of the Digital Universe for a few years now. This … Continue reading

online education infograph

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