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I presented at conference for the 40th reunion of the Florida State University Instructional Systems program. Here’s the presentation I gave:

In the presentation, I talked about how instructional design theory is very important outside of the L&D organization, and how I’ve used it to design programs like Backup.U. Here’s how I see it: content marketing is really the act of ¬†getting the content that customers need into their hands, when they need it. The folks that will keep content marketing from becoming yet another watered down, ineffectual (ignored) electronic tool are the people who are educators,and people with ISD experience. I have lots more to say on that topic, so stay tuned.
While I was at the conference, it was humbling to realize how prestigious the program from which I obtained a Master’s degree truly is in the world of education. Walter Dick, John Keller, Roger Kaufman, Bob Reiser, Allison Rossett, and so many others were at the conference – and very accessible. If you are an ISD nerd, you know what I’m saying is a big deal. Even with the prestige, I was allowed¬†to give this presentation, and tell everyone to think bigger about instructional design than just building e-learning for L&D.
What a great way to come off a very overdue and necessary medical leave. I’m super charged to go back and do my job better and smarter now. It’s always good to remind myself of my own motto:
Think big. Think Different. Connect all.








(thanks Lea Ann for taking the pic!)

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