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Do you have to think about backups if you are “doing” big data or cloud?

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This is something I’ve started talking about quite a bit internally. How much of the old do we need to know/think about to do the new technologies? That’s one of the reasons I really liked this post by Mark Farley. … Continue reading

Remembering Interop 2012

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Last week I attended Interop in Las Vegas. Interop hass traditionally been a networking show. For Dell, our Networking group organized our participation at the show. But this year, there was a definite storage presence (there was even a storage … Continue reading

Enterprise Cloud Summit @ Interop session: Understanding big data

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Here are my (mostly) unedited notes from the session Understanding big data by Bradford Stephens and Jeremy Edberg. What is Big Data? When you have so much info on 1 machine that you can’t get to it When it took … Continue reading