Wrap-Up from the panel at AANE

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The panel at AANE about Asperger’s Syndrome and college went pretty well. There were two moms on the panel (I was one of them), two students (one a MLS candidate yay!!), two college representatives, and two social coaches.

Larry Welkowitz, one of the college reps gave a very thorough wrap-up over on his blog. Larry’s been working with the topic of Aspies and college for several years, and it was great to meet him in person!

I talked about using technology to help your kid when they call you freaking out. If they text you instead, you can help them figure out that next step they need to take. They won’t have to leave the room, deal with language, etc. They can just text back and forth with you, and look like any other normal college kid.

Maybe I need to write a short course on Texting for parents. 🙂

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