What does my weird dream mean?

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Last night I had a weird dream. Brian thinks it’s about work. I think he’s on to something. Here’s the dream:

First of all, throughout the entire dream I was making pasta from scratch. Rolling out the dough, and cooking the dough.

The main part of the dream was about this huge machine that was located in a secret warehouse. The machine was round and flat (think wheel of fortune shaped), and about three stories high. There were steps going all around the machine, and at the top center there was a platform.

The machine gave people superpowers. But only a select group of people got the superpowers. These people would walk up the steps of the machine, stand on the platform at the top, and get zapped with a blue bolt of energy that inoculated them with the powers. The powers were designed and written into a codebase. The group would come get the new powers that had been engineered by getting zapped with the machine’s blue lightning when the codebase was revisioned.

In my dream, the villains (all superheroes have villains you know!) hacked into the codebase and got the latest revision of the superhero inoculation code. This was bad because the villains had their own superpower machine, and when they got the superheroes’ code they knew how to counteract all the superheroes’ powers, as well as how to write their villain code to defeat the superheroes!

In my dream, we were racing around to find all the superheroes, and tell them to get to the machine and get the latest revision of the powers (which was Rev 19) because this had the fix that would block all the things the villains had learned about the heroes.

That’s the main part of the dream. Also, while we were looking for the superheroes, we kept ending up at a mountain. There was a big piece of stone that jutted off the mountain, and there was shell-shaped indentation in the middle of that piece that was jutting out. If you stood or laid over that indentation, the winds would hit you just right and you would fly. Well, hover over the indentation, but it looked like flying.

Brian thinks it’s about work. I keep sharing my big ideas about social media with my group, and I get told that we can’t act on the ideas. But I am starting to see neutered bits of my ideas popping up as projects, and I am not allowed to be involved with these projects. So, the machine’s code is my ideas, the villains are the people preventing me from working with my ideas, so I need to keep coming up with new ideas to go do the work I want to do.

I don’t know about the pasta dough.  The issue with the pasta dough is that it was taking so long to cook the fresh dough, about an hour. People were getting annoyed with me for that. Maybe I just need to keep coming up with my ideas, and be more patient?

The only thing I can think of for the flying part is that when people stepped on the indentation, they could fly – defy gravity. Just like Elphaba. The words in the song where she finally takes flight just ring very true for me sometimes!

What do you think my crazy weird dream means?

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