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Is ROI an evil MBA term? More on the ROI of blogging

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Continuing the blogging ROI discussion…..there was an interesting interchange yesterday between my self and Jane Bozarth on twitter about the topic of ROI. The scenario Jane and I talked about proving the ROI of a mythical (I think) training course … Continue reading

How can I prove the ROI of this blog?

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Someone asked me that very question a few weeks ago. Sincefrom time to time I do blog about the education programs at EMC, is there any way to tell if my words here impact the bottom line of my organization? … Continue reading

Objections to using social media

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The Engaged Learning blog has been posting Objections to using social media for education. The last couple of days have had some interesting posts on this topic! Objection #12 was “How Will you measure that it’s working”?  Basically, how do … Continue reading