How can I prove the ROI of this blog?

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Someone asked me that very question a few weeks ago. Sincefrom time to time I do blog about the education programs at EMC, is there any way to tell if my words here impact the bottom line of my organization?

My first thought well of course I can see ROI. I’ve increased my PLE. My blog is a place to reflect about the intersection between my graduate studies and the ISD work I do for EMC. So there is ROI – to me. 🙂

Yesterday I blogged about the impact that EMC’s FAST release will have on our student audiences. I linked to one of my organization’s programs that is designed to help people with a proven level of technical knowledge keep up to speed. I can tell you how many people looked at the post, and how many people went to the community, and how many people registered (although I can’t tie the last two together). But doesn’t really impact our bottom line either, we provide the intervention as a benefit to folks who have earned a Proven Professional certification.

So, I’m not sure! AM I providing ROI to anyone but myself? I like to think that improving myself makes me more productive, which directly impacts ROI. I think that is a stretch though.

So I’m asking you all for some input. How do you prove ROI of blogging?

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