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Help build out a wiki about using tech to help with Asperger’s issues

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I’m working on the first assignment for my Web 2.0 course. I have to make an example of “produsage”. What I settled on was creating a wiki so people can share how they use technology to overcome issues that come … Continue reading

Light blogging volume here for another four weeks

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I’m in a class this summer that requires me to keep a blog, so I’ve been blogging there. We’re reading Alex Bruns’ book about “Produsage”, and I really hate this book. If you want to read what I have to … Continue reading

The Summer semester has started!

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I’m taking a class called Web 2.0 Learning and Performance. There are over 30 people in the class, and I’m having flashbacks to CCK08. I may blog less here for the next few weeks as I have to keep a … Continue reading