Help build out a wiki about using tech to help with Asperger’s issues

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I’m working on the first assignment for my Web 2.0 course. I have to make an example of “produsage”. What I settled on was creating a wiki so people can share how they use technology to overcome issues that come along because of Executive Functioning deficits (here is the link to the wiki).

For example, my daughter and I always carry our cell phones if we go someplace together. If she starts having sensory issues because its crowded, loud, hot, etc, she will go non-verbal. But for some reason she can still type (this is so weird to me). So she’ll text me to let me know she’s having issues, and we work things out from there.

Here’s the post on my class blog explaining why I picked this topic.

The link to the wiki is here. It’s in a moodle instance.

If you see a login page, click “Login as Guest” if you only want to look at the wiki.

If you would like to edit the wiki (and I hope you will!) please sign up for an account. The only reason I ask you to sign up is to discourage people who just want to be mean on the wiki.

Please check it out, and let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks.

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