Please vote for our #E20 submission on convincing execs to use social media

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My colleague Nada Wheelock and I have entered a submission in the Boston Enterprise 2.0 Conference. Nada and I have worked together on the Proven Professional Community for a little over a year now. She brings the marketing view, and I bring the technical and education view. I’ve learned lots from her about *that* side of the business. 🙂

Nada and I worked on this presentation for the better part of last year, changing it and tweaking it so that the message came through to our executives in Education Services. The message was to explain the importance of incorporating social media into our business processes. We came at them from two angles – educational/technical and marketing. We combined our understanding of both of those disciplines to explain social media to our skeptical audience. (I talked about the importance of translating messages from education performance speak to mba speak here, what Nada and I did together was very similar to this idea).

In our proposed presentation, we plan on deconstructing this slide deck (yes, I watch way too much food network!). The deck is an executive presentation, tailored to our audiences. We want to share with you the thought process that went into building the presentation, and how we tailored it to fit our business needs.

If you are interested in seeing that, please vote for us! There are only 24 hours left! We’ll be previewing it internally at EMC’s social media lunch (look on EMC|ONE for details).

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