My most read blog posts of 2010

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Everyone else is doing it, so I am too! Here were my most read posts from 2010. Crazy thing? I wrote a bunch of them in 2009!

  1. Instructional design books I’ve read for my IS degree
  2. Twitter Cheat Sheet version 1.1 is up
  3. What is informal learning?
  4. If the Gervais Principle is not working what is the ideal management structure?
  5. Let’s get real about analysis – starting with the last LS2010 keynote
  6. EMC FAST: how do IT folks keep up to speed?
  7. What I learned at e2Conf Boston
  8. Biggest lesson from my graduate studies: communities ignite learning
  9. I’m no longer developing technical training for EMC
  10. The web has been around for 20 years, and I’ve been around for 20 of them

I also found my most accessed pages to be pretty interesting:

  1. About page (oh man I have to get better pix on that page!!)
  2. Twitter tools
  3. EME5603 Final Project

2010 was jam-packed full of life-altering events for me:

  • I left my safety zone of technology and education, and started doing social media full time
  • I graduated with my MS in Instructional Systems from FSU
  • I got married

What can I possibly do in 2011 to match this year? 🙂

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