RIP Susie Vivian Wilson – my bigmama

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For the most part I’ve been MIA for about a week. This is because my bigmama – my grandmother – passed away last week.

I went to the Georgia mountains for her service, and to be with my mom and other family. Bigmama had late stage Alzheimer’s, so this wasn’t totally unexpected. But it still sucks. A lot.

Here’s her official obituary. Here’s what I remember. My bigmama could cook better than anyone I know. She taught me to cook my first thing: scrambled eggs. She taught me the technique for cooking greens when she taught me how to make poke salat. My biggest regret is I didn’t learn how to can from her, and especially her pickles.

It was interesting hearing about how she was the one who ran around organizing things when people were sick, or needed help. She even had her funeral planned to the last detail so no on would have to do anything. I learned so much from her that I’m not sure how much I learned and how much is DNA.

I am going to miss her so much. Its nice to know that part of who she is will live on in me.

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