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Austin OpenStack Meetup – Netapp and OpenStack

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Notes from OpenStack Meetup Rob from Netapp presented about Cinder. These are my notes as I heard them – please correct me if I heard something wrong! This was a really great¬†presentation – thanks for the info and the pizza … Continue reading

Austin DevOps Meetup – InfoChimps present Iron Fan

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I hate playing favorites, but I really think the Austin tech meetup I enjoy the most is the Austin DevOps meetup. It is super technical. The presenters are very real – no agenda to sell stuff. They just like explaining … Continue reading

Austin OpenStack meetup notes – Monitoring + Grizzly / Folsom

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What follows are my raw notes from the Austin OpenStack meetup this week. Lots of folks will be in San Diego next week for the Open Stack Summit – look them up if you are going. Sponsored tonight by Canonical … Continue reading

Meetups, devops, chef, and MOOCs!

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Last night I went to the Austin Devops meetup. Boyd Hemphill of Feedmagnet gave a really great overview of Chef¬†(more on that in a sec). It was hosted by the folks at Copperegg. The meetup was great – there were … Continue reading