Austin OpenStack meetup notes – Monitoring + Grizzly / Folsom

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What follows are my raw notes from the Austin OpenStack meetup this week. Lots of folks will be in San Diego next week for the Open Stack Summit – look them up if you are going.

Sponsored tonight by Canonical

First up – Miguel (formerly of HP, now is focused on OpenStack). He retired from HP, and now is having fun learning about OpenStack

Wrote something to monitor OpenStack with HP tools (SiteScope)


  • Enterprises haveĀ investmentĀ in mgmt tools, need to integrate openstack into those tools
Worked with the OpenStack API. The services expose several end points – admin, public, internal. Miguel walked through the RESTful API integration – very informative!
Big discussion now about HTTPS vs SSL vs how to pass auth tokens and not be in clear text
Now a demo. Sorry no way to share this either.
Lessons learned from his experiment: it wasn’t that simple to set up OpenStack. Understanding how to connect using the OpenStack network wasn’t as simple as he thought it would be. Enterprise tools are heavy – very big. Everything can be JSON objects or XML in OpenStack. Tool was developed in Python.
There are SDKs for Python and other programming languages. But Miguel didn’t use it so he could learn better. He’s running on Essex.

Next – Grizzly + Folsom

explaining the OpenStack commons

using openstack to provision baremetal servers? Use Nova APIs to select specific server. Its a change in the scheduler(?).

Calzetta does arm based stuff

Fog – is an API shim for …<?

Networking paths = nova and quantum. Quantum works with open vswitch. Or maybe not. :O Quantum interjects a network abstraction layer onto nova.

VMware are gold members now, nicera focused. We think.






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