#vdm30in30 starts now!

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#vdm30in30 is a blogging challenge that’s been going on for 2 years now. The challenge is to write a blog post every day in November. VDM is the Virtual Design Master event, but they are nice enough to let anyone in our community particpate in the blogging challenge.

I like to participate because it forces me to write outside of the things I write every day for work. Even though I’m new to my current role, there’s only so much my brain can take when it comes to monitoring. I also think practicing writing about other things helps improve my perspective on my work writing.

I’m going to include my writing from other blogs, but I’ll keep track of everything here on this blog.

My first post is actually published on 24x7ITConnection, and it’s about how compelling tech that is created by the American military is being used to monitor and control US citizens. Do we, as technologists, have a moral obligation to speak up when good tech is used for bad? The post is here.

Looking forward to this month. Maybe I’ll do 30 this year! 🙂


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