Proven Professional Roundup Week Ending August 20, 2010

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Obviously I’m running a little late this week, sorry about that folks! This will be a condensed version of the roundup. If you have come across links you think other Proven Professionals should be aware of, please share them in the comments!

Here are some of the highlights from the past week in the ProvenĀ  Professional Community:

Engineer to Engineer (E2E) Webinars

We had two E2E webinars last week, one on Unisphere and one on new advanced storage efficiency technologies. We will be adding the Q&As and the recorded sessions to the documents as soon as they are available.

You must be a Proven Professional to access this content. If you are having problems, please use this troubleshooting document.

IDC cites impact of Proven certification. How does it impact you?

How has your Proven Professional certification impacted your career? Join the crowd who have already chimed in on this question!

Some answers so far:

  • Broader understanding of technology for understanding how to architect and deploy management systems
  • Better understanding of security requirements for storage and virtualization (from 2 very experienced folks)
  • Helped to fill in the storage gaps for a virtualization guru
  • Several managers have chipped in that saying a Proven credential will get your resume to the top of the pile
  • Providing a broad understanding of our industry (from a newbie)
  • Providing insight about the student audiences from someone who is writing training for EMC
  • Broader understanding of SANs

Do you agree with this? Do you have something different to share? Don’t be shy!

Support questions

Make sure if you have a question about a production environment that you ask your question in the EMC Support Forums. We love helping everyone out, but you’ll get more relevant help (and usually a faster response!) if you ask your support questions in the Support Forum community.

What were you up to this week?

Is everyone else as busy as we are this week? I hope you are still finding time to study and learn the things you need to learn to become a Proven Professional Associate, Specialist, or Expert. If not, come ask for help in the community!

That’s all I have for this week. Keep safe, and we’ll do it again next week!

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