Proven Professional Community Roundup, Week ending June 5, 2010

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This post is cross-posted from the Proven Professional Community on ECN.

Here are some of the highlights from the past week in the Proven  Professional Community:

New Proven Professional Spotlight

Each month we’ll be highlighting a new Proven Professional. This month the spotlight is on Paul Brant. He was the 1st place winner in the Knowledge Sharing Contest this year. His paper is entitled Above the Clouds – Best Practices in Creating a Sustainable  Computing Infrastructre to Achieve Business Value & Growth. Go read more about Paul and find links to his winning paper here.

Impact of having the Proven Professional certification

There were a couple of active this threads where people shared what they see as the impact of their Proven Professional certification (see this thread or this thread).

Have you recently passed one of the Proven Professional certification exams? What are your next steps? Share them with everyone, your story may encourage someone else!

Blogs of interest to Proven Professionals

MichWa’s Storage Networking Blog is written by one of the people who writes the SAN classes for EMC. Right now he’s blogging about updating the SAN troubleshooting class.

Training Techies is written by one of the people who writes Documentum training. Her latest post was about deep dive training, in particular a course on Documentum data model design.

Ad-Hoc Education is written by the guy that runs University Relations for EMC in Russia. You’ll need to have a bablefish for this blog, but he highlights the work many of our Academic Alliance students are doing over in that part of the world.

What were you up to this week?

Share your week with us…were you studying? Taking a break from technology to enjoy the weather? Building out a new environment?

That’s all I have for this week. Keep safe, and we’ll do it again next week!

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