New book from EMC: The Working Mother Experience

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Natalie Corridan-Gregg works with me at EMC. Well, not exactly with me because she’s not in Education and I don’t support the products she works with with the training I develop. But you know what I mean. 🙂

Natalie spear-headed the idea of pulling together stories from mothers all over the company into a book. Today there was a book launch party at EMC, and I got a copy of the book. I’ve only read a couple of the stories (from women I’ve never met), and I can totatly relate to the stories.

Natalie has started blogging, and it looks like she’s going to extend the intent of the book onto her blog. This is so great, and so important. We work in a global company, and we work very, very hard. The thing I like about this book project (and now the blog!) is that it helps me take a break, and see people for who they are. Not a resource, not the contact I need to complete my next project, but a mom who might be waiting for that 3:00 call from their teenager just like I used to do.

Who knows? Maybe knowing these are the what help us make those permanent connections to networks that help us learn and work faster…

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