More details on EMC Education’s new ISM book

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I just posted the Table of Contents for the ISM (Information and Storage Management) book over in the EMC Proven Professional community. (I posted about the pre-release of the book earlier).

Here are the main chapters, if you want to see the complete Table of Contents you can download it from the community.

  1. Introduction to Information Storage and Mangement
  2. Storage System Environment
  3. Data Protection: RAID
  4. Intelligent Storage System
  5. Direct-Attached Storage and Introduction to SCSI
  6. Storage Area Networks
  7. Network-Attached Storage
  8. IP SAN
  9. Content-Addressed Storage
  10. Storage Virtualization
  11. Introduction to Business Continuity
  12. Backup and Recovery
  13. Local Replication
  14. Remote Replication
  15. Securing the Storage Infrastructure
  16. Managing the Storage Infrastructure

Some beefy stuff… it looks like this is going to be a nice reference guide. Just like my green Linux Administration book and my Sun shell programming for Sys Admin books are…only this one is just focused on storage. What do you think?

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