LS2010 – It was really all about the people

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The best thing about the Learning Solutions conference was the people.

First of all, I wasn’t the only person there from EMC. I got to hang out a bit with our Director of Operations, and I got to talk to my VP about a new project I’m working on. That was nice.

I enjoyed seeing Jean Mara , Joe Ganci, Ellen Wagner, Cammy Bean, Will Thalheimer, Brent Schlenker, Lee Maxey, and Regina Ward again.

I finally got to meet @marciamarcia and @quinnovator in the flesh – very nice! Also met Koreen Olbrish, Mark Oehlert, Kevin Thorn, Claudine Caro, Bryan Jones, and Rovy Brannon. I am positive I’ve missed someone – it was a really busy three days!!

I wanted to talk especiShare photos on  twitter with Twitpically about two super talented people I hung out with. Kevin Thorn is @learnnuggets on Twitter, and his blog is here. Just a super-talented eLearning professional – plus he is a cartoonist. Check out what he drew at dinner (you can rotate it @ twitpic).

The other person is Bryan Jones of eLearning Art. He is @elearningart on Twitter. He started a company to create useful stock art images especially for eLearning because what is out there is sort of – well lame. You can even get a free sample pack to check out his work.

My next two conferences are not eLearning related. EMC World (in Boston) is up next. My team is doing a twitter chat (second year in a row!), and we’d love to have you #lrnchatters chime in. After that is Enterprise 2.0 in Boston. After that I’m gonna have to take a few months and catch my breath!

I truly hope to see you all again very soon.

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  1. So true! Lots of lovely people at LS2010.

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