Love each other (and yourself) every day!

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This is the first Valentines Day in over a decade that I haven’t been in a relationship. And I feel….content. 🙂

This day is such a crock…I thought this when I was in relationships too. I hate the pressure and amount of money spent to “prove you love” on this one special day.

Y’all…every day is special. If you see something that makes you think of a loved one, snap a picture and text it to them…on the spot when you think of it. It is the little interactions that build us up, show the other person who you really are. The absence of that sort of reinforcement also show your loved one who you really are. 😉

So enjoy today, whether or not you have a special valentine. If you are in a relationship, make every day valentines day. If you are single, be good and kind to yourself today! Whatever you do, don’t let the hype of Valentines Day shape your view of yourself or the ones you love.

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