It’s Nov 1st, and time for #vDM30in30

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#vDM30in30 is an annual writing challenge put forward by Melissa Parmer and  Eric Wright to the enterprise community’s bloggers. The challenge: write one post for each day in November, aka 30 posts in 30 days.

Even though I joined late last year, and wasn’t able to get in 30 posts, I learned so much. The exercise made me remember how much I love blogging. Last year I made a commitment to blog more, which I promptly broke. 🙂 I am able blog quite a bit in my role at Spanning, that’s actually one of the great parts of my job. But those posts are over on the official Spanning blog, not here on my own blog. I write about the product I support. So while hopefully the posts help everyone understand what Spanning Backup for Office 365 is all about, they don’t really act as a vehicle for reflection the way writing for myself on my own blog works.

The experience last year allowed me to start exploring why there is still such tension between traditional marketers and the technical people who write about technologies and products: product marketers, technical marketers, evangelists,  technical trainers (let me know if I forgot anyone). This topic keeps bubbling up, and to me it feels like we’re near a breaking point. I’d like to explore that more.

I’m also working with Office 365 for my day job, so I’ll write about that. There will also probably be some SaaS posts.

I think I’ll also write some personal posts on topics like college football (go FSU!) and Native American heritage month. I’m sure there will be plenty to write about, I just need to commit time to the practice.

Well post 1 is done! Hopefully I’ll make it the entire month. Melissa added a song to her post every day last year, and ended up with a playlist for the month! I love that idea, so here’s song 1, kicking things off with a positive vibe! Here’s the link to my #vdm30in30 2015 Spotify playlist. I made it collaborative so if you’re adding songs to your posts too, feel free to add your songs if you like!


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