I’m taking the EMC ISM (E20-001) Proven Professional exam. Wanna study with me?

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I have been putting off posting about this — but I don’t think I can avoid it much longer.

I’m going to start studying to take the EMC ISM (E20-001) Proven Professional exam. Hopefully I’ll sit for the exam before the end of the year.

Why am I doing this? I already have a Proven Professional Specialist certification (EMCIE SAN). But the EMCISA Associate credential came out after I took the associate exam required for my EMCIE.

So I figured, what the heck! I should probably get the new credential. Plus, I talk to so many folks in the Proven Professional community about getting this credential…I thought I’d go through it again. Feel their pain.

Not so sure that is a good idea…. :O

I already have a few people agreeing to study with me….who else wants to join our club? 🙂 I wonder if we could do some studying using twitter……………..hmmmm……….

So first things first. I’m going to take the practice exam. That should point out my weak areas. My guess would be backups….when I was doing backups I was also maintaining scripts for them…I think things have changed a bit.

Once I figure out my weak areas, the plan is to go through the ISM book chapter by chapter till I feel ready. I’ll post how I do on the practice test (as well as if I need to change my study strategy!!) in a couple of days.

OK — wish me luck!! Or, better yet,  join me in the endeavor!

5 Responses to I’m taking the EMC ISM (E20-001) Proven Professional exam. Wanna study with me?

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  2. Apk says:

    Hello..I am also going to take this exam in feb 2011 most probably..so how is your preparation going on ?

  3. ricepower says:


    Just a tip…Don’t rely on dumps..
    *practice with the free exam on the EMC education site
    *Buy the ISM book from EMC
    *If you have enogh $$$, EMC ISM ILT training is the BEST

    Good luck with your exam

  4. Rohit says:

    Hi Gminks,

    Did you cleared ISM??? Please mail me your reply

  5. gminks says:

    Hi guys, since I’ve changed jobs I’ve been too slammed to study. But good luck to all of you!!!

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