Gestalt’s Tech Field Day comes to EMC

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When I finally figured out the Gestalt’s Tech Field Day would be making a stop at EMC HQ (in Hopkinton), I knew I wanted to find a way to go say hi to people I’ve interacted with online for the last several months.

To bring people up to speed, Gestalt IT has been sponsoring “field days” – bringing together IT vendors and techie attendees who are not analysts or members of the press (so they wouldn’t normally get this close of an inside view). They were in Boston this time, and EMC was one of their stops.

I was able to find a copy of the Information and Storage Management book for everyone. I was a little nervous because I gave it out before they got  Iomega swag. But they all seemed pretty happy with a book!


So I didn’t get to tell the guys one important thing since @stu only let me talk for about 20 seconds. 🙂 (To be fair I wasn’t expecting to say anything – so Stu was very gracious to let me bring presents and let me explain myself).

I wanted to tell the guys this: one important thing about the ISM book is that it was written to be vendor neutral – so the content is all about the underlying technologies of our field.

I got to hear the end of Barry Burke’s presentation, and all of Chad Sacak‘s presentation.

I just wish there had been more time to sit and talk with people, but the bloggers were whisked away as soon as the presentations were over. But it was nice to at least see some of these guys in real life!

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