Feb T&D has a fantastic article on common pitfalls of blended learning

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The latest Training and Development magazine (from ASTD) has a very relevant article to some of the work I am doing this quarter for my organization. The article is titled It’s [Not] the Technology, Stupid. The article is about the pitfalls of thinking just because you have the technology to do it it that you’ll be able to create a kickass blended learning curriculum.

This quarter a partner and I are doing an inventory of the tools we have available to create blended learning, as well as identify efforts in other groups to create this sort of learning. One thing it’s hard to get across is that you cannot simply take what we have designed for Instructer-Led learning and port it to some form of blended learning. This article makes that point too – you must redesign the learning. The learning objectives must be matched to the appropriate delivery medium.

There is an entire section in the article devoted to the helping people “overcome the idea that online learning cannot be as effective as classroom training”.

So quick! Go read this article! Read the entire Feb T&D it is very good!

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