EMC Proven Professional Round-Up – Week Ending August 6, 2010

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This post is cross-posted from the EMC Proven Professional Community on the EMC Community Network (ECN).

Here are some of the highlights from the past week in the Proven  Professional Community:

New EMC Proven Professional Credentials

Videos about the impact of becoming a Proven Professional

We posted several new videos. Some of them are interviews with individuals who share their  thoughts on the benefits they have seen from becoming an EMC Proven Professional. This discussion has links to all the new videos. You can also find these videos on our YouTube channel.

What is the #1 challenge of storage managers?

I tweeted this question during our EMC Live webinar this week about Solving the Information Storage Problem. I posted all the responses here (some of them are pretty funny). Did you miss the webinar? We’ll post the link to the recording of the event as soon as its ready in this document.

Do you have advice for someone studying for the EMC ISM exam?

Muneer from Quatar is studying, and has asked for advice. Richard Butler (one of EMC’s awesome instructors) offered some great tips. For those of you who have just cleared this exam, what advice do you have for Muneer?

Blogs of interest to Proven Professionals

Can you believe its already August? I know lots of you are studying, keep up the hard work! What sorts of projects are you working on at work (or is everyone but me on vacation!!!)

That’s all I have for this week. Keep safe, and we’ll do it again next week!

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