April #SANchat is Wednesday(4/20). Topic: VDI

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Join us for the April #SANchat this Wednesday, April 19th. We’ll get started at 9 a.m. CT, 10 a.m E.T. This is the first time we’re trying for an early start – trying to find the optimal time for everyone!

After last month’s diversion into the world of the Dell Storage Forum, #SANChat is back to its vendor neutral roots. This month’s #SANchat will be about VDI (virtual desktop integration).

Our co-host this month is Stu Miniman. Stu is an analyst and researcher at Wikibon. He’s recently written about desktop virtualization and posted interviews with VDI experts, so he should bring some interesting insights to this #SANchat. For even more #SANchat prep, be sure to check out all of the information posted from Wikibon’s Peer Incite on VDI.

Will Urban from Dell EqualLogic is also joining us. Will is the Product Engineer for EqualLogic integration with VMware.  He’s been presenting and talking about VDI with EqualLogic customers for a while now, so he should have some interesting comments for the chat as well.

Here’s what you can expect if you join us on Wednesday:

  • What is VDI? We’ll level-set some definitions, talk about how VDI be used as well as the overall benefits of VDI.
  • What are the barriers to adopting VDI? What issues should you  think about before deploying VDI? (from people, to network and storage strategy, to costs).
  • What are some VDI best practices?
  • We’ll try to share some case studies as well.

As a reminder, #SANchat is a monthly chat hosted by Dell Storage. For more background on #SANchat, see this blog post over on Dell Compellent’s Around the Block blog. To join, just jump in the discussion and use the #SANchat hashtag. You may find it helpful to use an application such as TweetChat.

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