Update: Leaving Facebook, 1 week in

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I’ve been off Facebook about 10 days. 4 more days and my account will be permanently deleted. Unfortunately, they will keep my data. The SaaS applications we support at Spanning will tell you: you own your data. When you leave, you get to take your data. When you issue a delete command, they will delete it (even if you really didn’t mean to delete it). This is why you need backup software for your SaaS apps.

That’s not how Facebook works. Once your data is in their platform, it’s theirs. This is one of the core reasons I left Facebook.

So there have been a couple of questions people have asked me:

Q. Do you miss it? Are you itching to get back?

A. The answer is – no. There are a things I would have gone to Facebook for in the past that I’ve just had to figure out different ways to share. I got a huge sweet potato with my Greenling delivery, but I just texted a pic to my best buddy Polly and we got a good laugh over it. My son and his girlfriend went to Boston for a wedding, and I wanted to see pics. So I asked him to send me one and he did. Today is Martin Luther King day here in the US, and I usually post a speech. I’ll use my blog for that. It will take longer, but the resulting post will probably be more thoughtful.

So sorry @ciscoservergeek, your over/under is going to be way off, because I’m not coming back 🙂

Q. How have you dealt with the apps that you used Facebook to sign up for/log into?

A. So far, I can log in with my email and Facebook password, instead of Facebook, and it works. The outlier is Spotify so far. I think I may have changed the password at some time, and I haven’t played with resetting it because I have to contend with 3 devices. So, that’s probably just me being lazy, I need to bite the bullet and change the password on all the devices.

To wrap up: I don’t miss Facebook, I can still log into my other apps.

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