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Ed Tech – Using VMware for educational labs

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I have been getting very geeky about education theory, because that is what I am learning in grad school. But sometimes I look at the posts of some of the other EMC bloggers and I feel a little left out … Continue reading

Learning Enviroments I am dealing with this quarter

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After I wrote my last post about my eLearning course, I started thinking about Learning Environments (LEs). I made concept maps for both of my classes that include the designed LE as well as the personal learning environment (PLE) I’ve … Continue reading

The Spring Semester is under way

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Spring semester started about two weeks ago, so I haven’t been able to get to the blog. I’m taking an eLearning class, and my final is an online self-study eLearning module. I’m planning to write it on Adults with Asperger’s … Continue reading