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Using dev tools to manage marketing tasks

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I’m neck deep in content development. Taking a break to blog, because I am stuck and I need to write about something different than virtualization, RPOs and RTOs. 🙂 I’ve been stuck since this weekend. So it was easy for … Continue reading

Stop the “devops” madness, defeat cloudwashing, move the industry forward

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I’m trying to post weekly about things I’m doing as I come up to speed on Ceph. As I continue to develop training and come up to speed, one thing that is glaringly obvious (to me anyways) is the need … Continue reading

CloudOpen presentation: – Deploying an IaaS with Apache CloudStack

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Presentation was by David Nalley. CloudStack is multi-tenant: Built around user abstraction (can’t see hypervisor/storage/etc) Networking seperation – every acct has at least one dedicated & isolated VLAN Hardware can be dedicated to users (for compliance, etc) Networking: Broken down … Continue reading

Good things on the horizon – courtesy of Inktank

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All good things must come to an end they say. And for me, one of those things ended last Friday…..which was my last day at Dell. I had a great experience at Dell. I was there to see them launch … Continue reading