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Tonight is the first night I’ve been able to sit in on the #DL10 tweet stream – because I was able to “catch” some of Marcia Conner’s keynote.

One thing that was tweeted from her presentation is really sticking with me:

Narrate your work; build your legacy — the footprints that allow others to follow and blaze new trails

That is what this blog is all about – letting people know about how we are figuring how to blend these new tools with the excellent instructional design work that happens at EMC. There’s lots of other work I’m doing with my team that is being documenting¬† behind the scenes in the EMC Proven Professional Community. I need to share more, because we’re doing some very very cool stuff right now.

Sometimes it really feels like I’m trying to push this huge boulder up an enormous mountain…people want to do social learning. But letting go of legacy, or trying to figure out how to blend old with new, is hard.

People are scared of participating. Sometimes with very valid reasons. People forget that content publication is actually where social media starts. And people definitely forget that the care and feeding of social media takes time and other resources.

But I forget that we are the trailblazers. That being a trailblazer means helping new people over the boulders and mess, cuz there ain’t a road yet. And being a trailblazer means sleeping out in the elements on the ground, not in a comfortable plush hotel.

So big thanks to everyone live-tweeting the conference! And big thanks to Marcia for reminding us to to be the change, to use these social powers for good, and connect all.

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