My new adventures will be at Dell!

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All of the legalities are complete! I’ve accepted a position to work with social media with the Dell Storage team – I start on Valentines Day.

I’m looking forward to the position. I get to be technical, and I get to do social media. I was getting away from the technical side a bit this last year. It made me a little sad….and I wasn’t sure how to mix the technical peanut butter with the social media chocolate. So when this opportunity came along, I could not have been happier.

I’ll miss my EMC colleagues, and I’m hoping to stay in touch with most folks. I’m not hard to find online. 🙂

Most asked question: where will I be working? It’s social media guys, so I can work from home! I can go to Nashua if need be, and I’ll be back and forth to Austin a bit (I’ll be there on the 14th).

I can’t wait to meet everyone at Dell. Stay tuned, of course I plan to blog the new adventure!!

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