My crazy life – #vdm30in30 Day 3

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This may look like a filler post, and hey, maybe it is. #vDM30in30 is a marathon though, and not a race. I swear I’ll get back to talking ITSM and monitoring soon, but right now there is so much going on. This is my post to let y’all know why it will be a few days before I go writing back to tech.

I started this new job at SolarWinds on Sept 19. So I’ve been in this role for about six weeks. On week 2, I went to Ignite. Since then, I’ve been learning the product and getting ramped back up on ITSM and monitoring in general. It’s been a while….back to when I was a customer!

Back in early August, I stkeepcalmarted the process of buying a house. The plan was to buy a house before my lease was up in December. Then my landlady told me she was going to sell the house I rent from her. I live in an “up and coming” neighborhood, and have no desire to pay up and coming prices for an 80-year old house. So while I was at VMworld, the finance folks told me as soon as I came home I needed to find a house if I wanted to be in it before my lease ran out.

Well, I found a house. Everything just worked out, and I’m moving in on Friday. I’m super busy with move stuff, so I’ll be so happy to be in the house this weekend! I should be packing right now……

……………..but I am exhausted from running things back and forth.

socialy-protect-the-earth-against-the-black-snake-nodaplAnd of course the action defending Standing Rock from the Dakota Access Pipeline has been going on during this time too. During my time off between jobs, I almost went up there, but decided there were better ways for me to help. The ongoing genocide of native peoples is just obvious now. That, coupled with the danger to our environment from for-profit oil companies just needs to be called out. But that’s for tomorrow’s post. 🙂

The next couple of posts this month are going to be about what I’m going through on a personal level. I promise I’ll get back to speeds and feeds after that. Ok, I’m not going to write about speeds and feeds, y’all know I don’t like that mess. 🙂


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