How many apps are connected to your Facebook account?

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I have 306. I found it by digging into Facebook’s explanation of what information they collect on all of us.

If you want to see how many apps are connected to your Facebook account, the direct link is here.

Three hundred and six linked apps. And I have to remove them one-by-one. Each time I remove one, I have to acknowledge this warning:

This will remove the app from your account, your bookmarks and the list of apps you use (found in your settings). Learn more.,
Note: ★ Which 80s movie defines you? may still have the data you shared with them. For details about removing this data, please contact ★ Which 80s movie defines you? or visit the ★ Which 80s movie defines you? Privacy Policy

Why did I allow my account to be linked to ★ Which 80s movie defines you? And anyways – don’t judge! You know you’ve done it too!!

Click the link and check out the legalese I agreed to just to find out that Breakfast Club defines me (I’m sure it was Breakfast Club…). Basically, it’s Personal Data (for example, name and email address), certain personally non-identifiable information, the information about the number of messages you send and receive,  research on its customer demographics, interests and behavior based on the Personal Data and other information provided to us. This research may be compiled and analyzed on an aggregate basis. Oh and then they sell all that info to other people.

I feel so dirty. Plus anyone who knows me could have told me which 80s movie defines me.

There is so much involved with quitting Facebook…..


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