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I’ve hinted that I have been doing some community building at work (I work for Education Services at EMC). Well, I can finally talk about it because the EMC Proven Professional Community has been launched! The Proven Community is part of a bigger community called ECN – EMC Community Network.

Obviously our community is for the over 30,000 folks who hold one of EMC’s Proven Professional certifications. The community is also for anyone interested in the program, or interested in discussing the issue of “industry readiness” – what skills will IT professionals need in order to meet the needs of the digital explosion? I know I didn’t learn about storage technologies in college. How are people picking up these skills?

This is your official invite to come check out the community. Anyone can access it, but if you want to participate you need to register. If you are Proven, come introduce yourself. Or maybe you’re interested in one of these topics:

I’m sure as EMC World gets closer, we’ll start having more conversations about that. So come join the community!

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