EMC Proven Professional Community Roundup: 2010 year in review

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Hi everyone! Sorry the round-ups have been sporadic the last part of this quarter. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be sure to get the round-ups out every Friday for 2011. If you have them, why not share your resolutions over on our Facebook fan page!

I thought this week I’d do something a little different. I wanted to reflect on what we’ve done together as a community in 2010. And instead of doing a top 10 list, I’m doing a roundup of top 10 lists.

Proven Professional Community – 2010

  • World Wide Proven Professional Day
    This event is near and dear to my heart. In addition to planning events for the Proven Professionals who were physically at EMC World, we planned events for Proven Professionals across the globe – and World Wide Proven Day was born. You guys really came through, changing your avatars on different social media spaces, telling us what you were doing on #WWPD2010, and posting pictures to the Flickr group. It was a truly global event.
    I can’t wait to see how many Proven Professionals we can connect for #WWPD2011!
  • Community Involvement
    The communities have definitely become a places that people can come to get help with questions about Proven Professional certifications. Its also been amazing to watch people go from students to professionals, and from partners or customers to fellow employees, or just stretching their career paths using Proven Professional certifications as a starting point.
    Its also great to watch experts in our community willingly share their knowledge with newcomers.
    If you haven’t asked or answered a question, don’t be shy, speak up! If you are nervous, you can always just introduce yourself first.
  • Online Events
    If you are a Proven Professional, you may have attended one of the online events we sponsored (either an E2E or eSeminar event). Here are the events we held this year:

  • New programs
    Here are some of the programs we launched this year.

Gina’s top 10 technology top 10 lists

I’m not saying I agree with everything on these lists, but they definitely give you food for thought. I was actually surprised how many lists mentioned the iPad. I threw in a couple of silly ones. If you know of a list I missed, add it in the comments!

  1. Big themes 2010 via Chuck Hollis
  2. 10 2011 predections via Chad Sakac
  3. 2011 ECM Prophecies and trends by (Proven Professional) Lee Dallas
  4. 10 most important enterprise IT products via CTO Edge
  5. 10 most important data storage stories of 2010 via eWeek
  6. Top 10 technology trends via the Telegraph
  7. The 10 biggest data center stories of 2010 via CRN
  8. Top 10 cloud computing stories of 2010 via Computer Weekly
  9. The 10 most powerful tweets of 2010 via Twitter
  10. Top 10 gadgets via Time

As 2010 closes out, I just want to say how much I enjoy working with my EMC colleagues and all of you here in the community. It has been great this year, and I’m looking forward to even a busier 2011! Happy new year everyone!

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  1. Roy Mikes says:

    Great start of this new year Gina. Cheerz

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