Don’t Do This: Be unavailable when assignments are due

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I’m going to start a new category called “Don’t Do This”. Since I am a 100% distance student in my graduate program, I’m experiencing all sorts of frustration around the way classes are built and managed. This category will start collecting my thoughts (as a student) on things you should think about when designing classes so that your students don’t experience this frustration too.

My first Don’t Do This is: Don’t make an assignment due on Sunday, and then indicate that students must expect a 2-day delay for responses via emails or the message boards.

My current instructor does this. So my normal method of waiting till Saturday morning (since I work full-time) to really work on my project that is due on a Sunday morning won’t work for this class. If I have a question, I won’t get an answer in time to complete the lesson on time.

So, Don’t Do This!

3 Responses to Don’t Do This: Be unavailable when assignments are due

  1. What a great category. I do not believe that we do ineffective things on purpose-so it is a great reminder of what to do differently next time. Looking forward to the conversations here!

  2. Nate says:

    These kinds of stories make me nuts. It’s just unconscionable.

    In internet years, two days is a month. That much delay in an online course is just not acceptable. My students and I are connected on email, IM, and aggregator. If they have a problem, they can find me and get an answer any day of the week. I’m not online 24/7 – I *do* sleep, do my Day Job, and take my kids to lessons etc, but I manage to get back to my students within a few hours — if not a few minutes. Granted I only have about 50 students to deal with but this isn’t exactly rocket science.

    Remember, kids. Poor performance isn’t a function of the stage when the actors aren’t following the right script.

  3. Larry says:

    I agree but the old saying, “shit happens,” is also true. I taught my first online course this summer and had trouble catching a WIFI signal for a day or two while on the road. But when that happens, the prof. should make adjustments.

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